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Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, 22-Jan-2020

TRACE32® provides debug and trace support for NXP S32G

Lauterbach, the world’s leading debug tools provider, is pleased to announce the addition of support for the NXP S32G Vehicle Network Processor family to their TRACE32 debug and trace tools. The S32G family provides hardware security, ASIL D safety and high-performance processing for a range of automotive applications.

To achieve this level of safety and security the S32G is, by nature, a multi-core device capable of running cores in lock-step, cluster lock-step or full SMP. The TRACE32 debugger fully supports all of these modes and offers a consistent user interface between all configurations: single-core, multi-core SMP and AMP designs, lock-step, and cluster lock-step.

The TRACE32 system also provides support for the High-Speed Serial Trace Port (HSSTP), allowing developers to see the path of execution through their core on any or all cores without instrumentation and without affecting the real-time performance of the code. This trace data is time-stamped to allow very accurate run-time measurements of critical code sections and allow developers to easily identify bottlenecks and redundant code in their system.

The trace data can be used as the basis for code coverage reports, often a specification of automotive systems, that satisfy the requirements of industry safety standards, such as ISO 26262. The ability to collect the data for these reports without affecting the run-time aspects of the application makes it ideal for developers.

Says Norbert Weiss, Managing Director of Lauterbach GmbH, “I see these devices as a significant step forwards in the area of In-Vehicle Networks and, of course, Lauterbach are there with proven, reliable tools just when our customers need them.”

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