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Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, 11-Sep-2019

Updated Tool Qualification Support Kit

Lauterbach, the world’s leading debug tools provider, is pleased to announce a major update to the Tool Qualification Support Kit (TQSK) for code coverage. The TQSK is provided to Lauterbach customers who want to use their TRACE32 tools as part of the development tool-chain of a system that must meet an industry standard safety certification. The TQSK provides a series of tests and pre-qualified results that allow the TRACE32 tools to be used as a certified device for the collection and preparation of code coverage reports based upon trace data provided by the target device.

This update extends the TQSK by adding support for the TRACE32 In-Circuit-Emulators’ trace module, which can provide object code coverage. Many legacy embedded systems, especially those that require extended temperature range or radiation hardened devices, are still based around older devices and have life cycles that are anticipated to run for several more decades. Updates to these systems may also need certification.

The latest update also adds support for function coverage, call coverage, and MC/DC. Function coverage is used to determine that each function within the code has been executed at least once. Call coverage is used to measure the percentage of software function calls that have been executed. MC/DC is used to prove that each independent condition in a complex decision that may affect the outcome of that decision has been tested.

The final new feature in this rollout is the ability to display statement coverage charts and reports on-the-fly in real-time as the trace data is received by the host computer. The trace data can be streamed to the host PC, using the Lauterbach trace tools as a large FIFO to smooth out the peaks in trace data generation, and can now be analyzed non-intrusively and the results displayed as they are generated.

The TQSK is provided free of charge to Lauterbach customers upon registration with the TQSK portal. This update is available immediately to registered users.

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