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Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, 15-Apr-2019

Lauterbach announces TRACE32® support of Jailhouse Hypervisor

Lauterbach, the leading provider of debugger and real-time trace tools, has announced that they have extended their hypervisor awarenesses by the Jailhouse Hypervisor from Siemens. The extension was developed within the Vamoss project.

The project Vamoss uses an emtrion emCON-RZ/G1H as embedded multi-core platform utilizing up to 8 cores in parallel combined with the Jailhouse Hypervisor from Siemens. This allows to run several applications with different requirements on specific parts of the platform, in so called cells. Available peripherals can be spit among cells. Cells can communicate using a inter-cell communication mechanism. Since debugging such systems can become quite complex, a Jailhouse awareness was developed and intergated into TRACE32.

The TRACE32 Jailhouse awareness gives the possibility to debug the virtualized multi-core system in both Asymmetric Multi-Processing (AMP) and Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) modes to show detailed configuration states of the active cells, to display and trace the inter-cell communication and to use breakpoints across cell boundaries.

The emtrion GmbH from Karlsruhe has been supporting customers for more than 20 years as a system integrator for embedded complete solutions at all levels of the development process. The product spectrum ranges from hardware and software design over application development and housing construction to series production and assembly. Solutions for the Internet of Things (IOT), virtualization on multicore CPUs, security and safety are just as much a part of the offering as are customer-specific solutions and industrial real-time communication.

The Institute of Reliable Embedded Systems and Communication Electronics (ivESK) at Hochschule Offenburg was formed to focus in the following areas:

  • Conception and implementation of efficient and modular, wired and wireless communications protocols using embedded systems.
  • Conception and implementation of integrated security architectures for communications solutions using embedded systems.
  • Conception and implementation of efficient and secure embedded computing platforms.
  • Testing and verification of communications solutions.
  • End-to-end security solutions between resource-restricted devices and powerful components, and connection to a cloud ecosystem.

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