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Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, 05-Mar-2019

TRACE32 provides JTAG Debug Support for Lynx MOSA.ic™

Lauterbach is proud to announce full JTAG debug support for Lynx MOSA.ic™, a software development framework for building modular, comprehensible software systems from Lynx Software Technologies.

Working closely with Lynx, Lauterbach has extended the capabilities of the TRACE32 debug environment to include comprehensive debug support of Lynx MOSA.ic systems realized on multi-core Arm® processors. TRACE32 from Lauterbach brings a new level of visibility into Lynx MOSA.ic-based systems by providing developers with the ability to access all parts of the system at any time from within a single debug environment.

Lynx MOSA.ic enables developers to remove a lot of complexity in their designs by decomposing applications into modules that run either directly on "bare metal", or on simple real-time kernels. The integration with TRACE32 offers Lynx MOSA.ic developers a powerful environment for debugging these applications. TRACE32 also enables Lynx MOSA.ic users to effectively debug start-up code, including bootloaders.

Lynx MOSA.ic is an open platform that can host a wide range of rich third-party operating systems, including LynxOS-178 and Linux, and allow them to independently execute at different safety and security levels. TRACE32 will detect all partitions and their memory configurations, providing the debugger with access to the entire system from the virtualization layer, through the guest operating systems and their respective partitions, and on into the application code running in those guests. This feature works whether the guest operating systems are active (assigned to a core) or not. By extending the addressing scheme, TRACE32 can uniquely identify any address within any partition allowing debug symbols to be bound to these extended addresses. This provides developers with the ability to view anything in the entire system whenever they want simply by accessing the debug symbols.

TRACE32 provides kernel awareness for many common operating systems and these work in conjunction with the Lynx MOSA.ic awareness to give users the ability to access operating system objects, such as tasks, from all of the guest operating systems simultaneously. The rich debug environment of TRACE32 coupled with this complete access is ideal for testing safety- and security-critical systems on actual production hardware where guest isolation is paramount and where the system needs certification.

This feature is immediately available and is provided with the standard software delivery of TRACE32.

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