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Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, 17-Dec-2018

TRACE32: Future-proof Arm Cortex-M debug and trace tools

Lauterbach, the leading manufacturer of microprocessor development tools, has announced a new revision of their debug and trace probes for Cortex-M based devices. As Cortex-M processors are becoming clocked at greater and greater frequencies, the trace port clocks must also increase to keep pace and prevent loss of valuable data. To provide developers with a more future-proof solution to this perpetual cycle of increasing frequency, the new High-Speed Whisker cables are designed to work with trace clock frequencies of up to 200 MHz across trace ports ranging from 1-bit to 4-bits wide, giving a total trace port bandwidth of up to 200 MBytes/second.

With increased trace clock speeds comes an increased risk of signal misalignment when parallel trace pins are sampled. The High-Speed Whisker cable includes the innovative auto-focus technology that not only detects the trace port clock frequency but can also adjust the optimum sampling points of each pin to negate any alignment issues in the timing of the data signals. The points where each signal contains valid data, or data eyes, for each pin can be displayed in the TRACE32 PowerView software. Detailed information about jitters, rising and falling edges is also displayed and users are provided with the capability of manually adjusting the sampling point of each signal. Once configured, these sampling points may be saved and recalled for future use of the tools on this target.

Says Norbert Weiss, International Sales Manager for Lauterbach: “Lauterbach tools have always been considered as a long-term investment and this innovative technology provides developers with a more future-proof solution. The auto-focus technology means that our debug and trace tools for Cortex-M can be used with a wider variety of target boards, including those that don’t always meet a theoretical ideal.”
The High-Speed Whisker cable will start shipping in January 2019 for TRACE32 µTrace and CombiProbe. Customers who purchased these units during 2018 may request a free upgrade.

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