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Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, 21-Mar-2018

From model to reality: testing with TRACE32 and Mx-Suite

Mx-Suite, Danlaw’s Embedded Systems Test Platform, offers a back-to-back testing solution between Simulink models and Lauterbach’s TRACE32 Debuggers. Back to back testing is used to demonstrate equivalence between a simulation model and its generated C code. Mx-Suite is an ISO 26262 (TUV SUED qualified) comprehensive platform used for embedded software and systems verification and validation. Test suites can be developed and reused across the development lifecycle, for testing models (MiL), C/C++ code (SiL), and ECU software (HiL). Mx-Suite’s integration with TRACE32, further extends this to processor-in-the-loop (PiL) targets.

A requirement for ISO 26262 compliance states that test platform should “correspond as closely as possible to the target environment.” Another is for MC/DC level code coverage measurement. The optimum solution for Simulink model-based development is Lauterbach’s TRACE32 and Danlaw’s RapiCover, coupled with Mx-Suite’s powerful test platform offering high levels of automation, easy to use GUI, comprehensive reports, and more.

“When qualifying a software development toolchain for ISO 26262 every component of the tool chain has to be addressed. By using Mx-Suite for MiL, SiL, HiL and now PiL, the qualification effort is drastically reduced. In Addition, by reusing test cases between MiL and PiL the need to qualify the code generator can be eliminated.” said Michael McCormack, Director of Development.

“TRACE32 offers comprehensive support for automotive processors coupled with powerful debug and trace features that allow a seamless transition to on-target testing. Testing can start on development platforms or make use of virtual targets before the first hardware prototypes are available. By combining Mx-Suite with TRACE32 our customers can reap the benefits of early on-target testing: Detecting errors early and reducing the time to market”, said Stephan Lauterbach, General Manager of Lauterbach.

Used across automotive domains, such as infotainment, powertrain, steering, brakes, and body ECUs, Mx-Suite easily integrates into most industry standard development and life-cycle management tool chains used for ECU software development. Its extensive feature set, includes an intuitive user interface, record/playback capabilities, and comprehensive logging to drastically accelerate the creation and execution of tests and the isolation of the root symptoms.

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