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Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, 27-Oct-2015

Lauterbach becomes Gold Partner of Wind River

Hoehenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn - October 2015 - Lauterbach, as the worldwide market leader for hardware assisted debugging tools, announced today they are now a Gold member of the Wind River partner program.

In February 2015 Wind River and Lauterbach announced they would be working together to ensure interoperability between the Wind River operating systems and Lauterbach debugging tools. Since then TRACE32®, the Lauterbach in-circuit debug and trace solution has supported all of the new releases in Wind River operating systems. The cooperation between Wind River and Lauterbach enabled their engineers to provide a complete "OS Awareness" functionality which targets all of the architectures supported by Wind River.

Lauterbach has partnered with Wind River to provide their customers with best in class debugging solutions using Lauterbach tools and also to assist them to set up complex debugging scenarios involving OS awareness. With the expertise in our debugging tools, Wind River can also help their TRACE32® users to customize the tools to their specific needs.

The strategic partnership between Lauterbach and Wind River represents a successful and fruitful cooperation of these two companies in the embedded industry. It ensures the interoperability between all Wind River operating systems and the comprehensive debuggers of Lauterbach, and thus benefits the customers with full debugging support throughout the complete development lifecycle.

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