µTrace® for RISC-V 32-bit

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Connector Cables

µTrace® for RISC-V 32-bit
Debug solution for RISC-V 32-bit
Recommended for single-core microcontrollers with RISC-V 32-bit
Recommended for multi-core microcontrollers with solely RISC-V 32-bit (single debug port)

USB 3 interface to the host computer




Configurations for µTrace RISC-V 32-bit

The photo on the left side shows a standard configuration with a MIPI20T-HS whisker cable plugged to connector A. The extended configuration shown on the right side shows additionally a TRACE32 Analog Probe plugged to connector B via a Converter uTrace to PI-Analog Probe. The TRACE32 Analog Probe enables an energy profiling of your application.


Connector Cables

Whisker MIPI20T for RISC-V
  • Support for MIPI20T and MIPI10 pinout
  • Support for standard JTAG, SWD and cJTAG (IEEE 1149.7)
  • 400 MBit/s per trace channel
  • Voltage range 1.2V to 5V

TRACE32 Analog Probe
  • Record analog signals and correlate them with program flow
  • Analog signals: 4 voltage channels, 12-bit resolution, input range 0..5 V, impedance 1 MOhm, 3 current channels with 5% accuracy, external shunt required
  • Sampling rate of 625 KSamples/sec

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