Integration with Diab RTA Suite

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Integration with Diab RTA Suite
Debugging on RTA source code
Breakpoint setting/deleting
Automatic loading of application source code with automatic positioning of cursor
Run-Time Error Checker
Visual Interactive Profiling
Codecoverage Analysis
Stack Use Analyzer
Code Size Analyzer
Automatically detects pointer and memory management errors, including memory leaks
Static and dynamic stack use analysis for improved memory usage
Support for 68K, MPC860, MPC555, MPC505, ColdFire 5206E
The TRACE32 systems include an interface for external access to TRACE32 systems via windows sockets (API). The interface is based on a C library and could be used to integrate with other developement tools like editors, CASE tools or source configuration management systems.

The CD of Diab RTA Suite from Windriver Systems Inc. contains a ready-to-run Integration with TRACE32.

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