Integration for Statemate

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Integration for Statemate (iLogix)
TRACE32 Serves as GBA Driver
Tracking States and Diagrams Right at the Target
Attach GBA to a Running Target
Running GBA on an Instruction Set Simulator
The TRACE32 debuggers include an interface for external access to TRACE32 systems (API). The interface can be used to integrate with other developement tools like editors, CASE tools or source configuration management systems.

Our software package contains a ready-to-run integration to Statemate / Rhapsody in MicroC from I-Logix.

Statemate / Rhapsody in MicroC contains a ′Graphical Back Animation′ (GBA), which allows to animate the states, in which the target currently works. Statemate highlights the relevant objects in the appropriate state chart. TRACE32 can serve as a communication channel, allowing you to inspect and animate the states inside the real target.

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