TriCore Parallel Trace

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TriCore Parallel Trace
3.3 Volt Support
Trace up to 180 MHz
Up to 4 GByte trace memory
16 Channels
Delay Counter
Performance Analysis
Code Coverage
Fast Search and Upload
Support for PXB4260, TC10GP, TC1100, TC1115, TC1130, TC1161, TC1162, TC1163, TC1164, TC1165, TC1166, TC11IA, TC11IB, TC11IC, TC1762, TC1764, TC1765, TC1766, TC1766ED, TC1775, TC1792, TC1796, TC1796ED, TC1796L, TC1910, TC1912, TC1920
The OCDS Level-2 trace supports program flow trace for TriCore AUDO and related devices. The trace can be used for error diagnosis in real-time critical environments as well as for performance and code coverage analysis.

The trace supports TriCore and PCP.

Max. Operation Frequency
Operation Voltage
Technical Support

The OCDS-L2 parallel trace preprocessor for TriCore samples with up to 180 MHz into the external trace buffer. Power Trace modules support up to 4 GB of external trace memory and provide timestamp information. The OCDS-L1 internal trigger capabilities can be used for trace trigger and filter.

Trace Adaptation for TriCore (OCDS-L2)

OCDS Debugger for TriCore
  • Debugging of all auxiliary controllers: PCP, GTM, HSM and SCR
  • Debug Access via JTAG and DAP
  • AGBT High-speed serial trace for Emulation Devices
  • On-chip trace for Emulation Devices
  • Debugging for Synopsys Virtualizer as frontends
  • Debug and trace through reset
  • Cache analysis
  • Multicore debugging and tracing
  • Third-party tools cooperation and support


Details and Configurations

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