TriCore AGBT/SGBT with Serial Preprocessor

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Compatible Debugger

TriCore AGBT/SGBT with Serial Preprocessor
Support of AGBT, SGBT
Robust trace recording using Aurora
Support of up to four differential lanes
Maximum 6,25 Gbit/s lane speed
Up to 8 G Byte trace memory
Streaming to host storage



The AGBT (Aurora GigaBit Trace) respectivetly SGBT (Serial Gigabit Trace) module forwards the trace information generated by the MCDS via an external interface to the trace tool′s hardware. A huge off-chip trace buffer of up to 8 GB and optional streaming to the host storage allows detailed qualification and analysis.

  • Serial Trace Preprocessor V2 or newer supported by Power Trace Ethernet and Power Trace II / III
  • Support of up to four differential lanes
  • Maximum 6,25 Gbit/s lane speed
  • External trace memory of 256/512 MB (PowerTrace Ethernet), 1/2/4 GB (PowerTrace II), 8 GB (PowerTrace III)
  • Streaming of recorded trace data to host supported

Compatible Debugger

TriCore Debugger
  • Multicore debugging
  • Debugging of TriCore and all auxiliary controllers
  • TC4xx: up to 6 TriCore, CSRM (TriCore), SCR (XC800), PPU (ARC), GTM
  • TC2xx/3xx: up to 6 TriCore, HSM (Cortex-M), SCR (XC800), GTM
  • AUDO: TriCore, PCP
  • Debug access via JTAG and DAP
  • AUTOSAR-aware debugging
  • Hypervisor-aware debugging for TC4xx
  • Debug for Synopsys Virtualizer Development Kit (VDK)
  • Debug via XCP
  • Tool Qualification Support Kit (TQSK) for TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator TriCore



Adaptation for TriCore AGBT/SGBT

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