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System Trace
Support of onchip-tracing (Embedded Trace Buffer), no additional trace hardware required
CombiProbe and PowerTrace II / III to be used for trace data directed to external trace port
High-level decoding of hard- and software instrumentation messages
System traces refer to trace modules which output data in compliance with the MIPI System Trace Protocol version 1 (STPv1) or version 2 (STPv2). It is used to transport hardware or software instrumentation messages.

Currently Lauterbach supports two implementations of system trace modules: The System Trace MacroCell as CoreSight component by ARM and the System Trace Module by Texas Instruments.

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Technical Support
[]  OMAP44xx TRMs
[]  CTools Library


System Trace MacroCell (STM) by ARM

The System Trace MacroCell by ARM implements the MIPI STPv2 protocol. Like other CoreSight modules trace data can be directed to an Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) or exported via the Trace Port Interface Unit (TPIU).

When exported via TPIU, the trace port characteristics are the same as for the ETM.


System Trace Module (STM) by Texas Instruments

The System Trace Module by Texas Instruments implements the MIPI STPv1 protocol. Trace data can be directed to an Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) or exported via a Parallel Trace Interface (PTI).

For OMAP4 devices also decoding of high-level hardware messages from the Clock Management Interface (CMI) and Power Management Interface (PMI) are supported. The image below depicts the clock activity of a hardware module of an OMAP4430:

Example files for the PandaBoard are available here.
Drivers for hard- and software instrumentation are provided by Texas Instruments: CTools Library.


Software Instrumentation

Independend of the System Trace implementation T32 also offers the possibility to decode and display printf-style messages generated by the operating system or user application running on the target:


Compatible Debugger

ARM Debugger


Trace Connectors

Adaption for PandaBoard (LA-3840)

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