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Beyond Trace
Support for Beyond Real-Time Trace
Universal preprocessor hardware AutoFocus II
Self-calibration of sampling points
Up to 32 data bits
Instruction trace, cycle-accurate tracing possible
Up to 8 GByte trace memory
Long-time trace
Trace-based debugging (CTS)
Performance analysis
Code coverage

Technical Support



Lauterbach′s TRACE32 software provides a push-button-solution for optimal hardware configuration including a trace port test. Just push the AutoFocus button and a small test programm is downloaded to the target causing worst case test patterns on the trace port. Trace probes with AUTOFOCUS are capable of recognizing data eyes, adjusting reference voltage such that clocks are stable and data channels have broad data eyes. Last not least optimal sampling points are calculated and setup for every data channel.
AUTOFOCUS Self Calibration
  • Successfully deployed for trace port data rates in excess of 600 Mbit/s per trace channel
  • Up to 40 trace channels
  • Up to 16 Gbit/s total bandwidth
  • Data eye recognition capability
  • 78 ps time resolution
  • Automatic adjustment of termination voltage
  • Automatic adjustment of threshold voltage separately for all clock and data channels
  • Automatic adjustment of clock delay
  • Automatic adjustment of data delay for every single channel
  • Automatic trace port test

Trace Display

TRACE32 offers a comprehensive trace display and analysis.


Standard Trace Features

Trace-based Debugging (CTS)
  • Allows re-debuggging of a traced program section
  • Provides forward and backward debugging capabilities
  • High-level language trace display including all local variables
  • Timing and function nesting display
  • Has the ability to fill most trace gaps caused by the limited bandwidth of trace port
Trace-based Profiling
  • Detailed analysis of function run-times
  • Detailed analysis of task run-times and state
  • Graphical analysis of variable values over the time
  • Analysis of the time interval of a single event (e.g. Interrupt)
  • Analysis of the time interval between 2 defined events
Sample-based Profiling
  • Long-time performance analysis for functions
  • Long-time performance analysis for tasks
  • Long-time analysis of the contents of a variable or memory location and more
Trace-based Code Coverage
  • Support for all code coverage metrics mandated by functional safety standards
  • Suitable for long-term testing
  • Support for all common code coverage metrics
  • Automated report generation
  • Full support of multicore chips

Adaptation Methods

Adaptation for Beyond Preprocessor


FLEX Adapters

FLEX Adapter
  • Highly Flexible Adapters
  • For Debuggers and ICD Trace
  • High Signal Quality
  • Adapted Impedance
  • 100 MIL

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