In-Circuit Emulator for 90CL301

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Emulation Probe 90CL301

In-Circuit Emulator for 90CL301
3.3 and 5 Volt Support
Dual-Port Memory Access
Interface with all compilers
C++ support
CASE tools interface
RTOS support
Windows9x, NT and Motif interface
The TRACE32-ICE90301 supports all members of the Philips 90CL300 family. Its modular and open technology allows the fast integration of new chip designs. A software compatible ROM Monitor is also available.


Emulation Probe 90CL301

Operating Modes

  • Reset Down
  • Reset Up
  • Alone Internal
  • Alone External
  • Emulation Internal
  • Emulation External

Dual-Port Access

  • No Delay
  • Clock steal
  • Denied

System Clock

  • Operation with external or internal clock
  • Internal clock 1.5 to 70 MHz (XTAL1)
  • Max. operation frequency 40 MHz (XTAL1)

Multitask Debugging

  • 10 tasks
  • 1 foreground task
  • 1 background task

Voltage and Clock Monitors for the Target System

  • 3.3...5 V operation

Exception Control

  • Static Exception Setting
  • CPU Reset
  • Peripheral Reset
  • Halt
  • Bus Request
  • Target Exception Control
  • Reset
  • Halt
  • Int0..Int6
  • NMI
  • Exception Trigger
  • Reset
  • Halt
  • CPU Reset
  • Exception Simulation
  • CPU Reset

Power Consumption

  • 10 W

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