ICE In-Circuit Emulator

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ICE In-Circuit Emulator
Timing Analyzer
Emulation Memory
Memory Banking
ICE Module
State and Performance Analyzer
Emulation Controller
System Controller
TRACE32-ICE is a state of the art In-Circuit Emulator, which offers unlimited hardware breakpoints and up to 16MByte dual-ported emulation memory. The real-time trace and trigger work up to the max. speed of the CPU. The analyzer offers selective trace as well as performance analysis and statistic functions.

The system offers an interface to all programming languages for most compilers and a multitask debugger for a wide range of RTOS. TRACE32 works with the highest variety of host interfaces. The communication link to the host is done by the printer port, a fibre optic interface or ethernet allowing a high speed transfer.

TRACE32-ICE is universal In-Circuit Emulator and supports a wide range of 16- to 32-bit microprocessors and microcontrollers. Its modulare architecture allows:

1. to adapt the emulator to your project requirements

2. to integrate the emulator in any project environment

3. to adapt the emulator easily to different CPUs

4. to support new CPUs in record time

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Basic Concept



     Timing and Protocol Analyzer

Timing analyzer up to 200 MHz
Time correlation with state analyzer
Selective trace controlled by state analyzer
State analyzer mode
16 channel pattern generator
2 channel serial line tester

     Port Analyzer

64 Channels
10 MHz Timing
Slave Operation to State Analyzer
Time Stamp
List and Timing Display

     ICExxx Emulation Probes

Exception Simulation
Exception Control

     State and Performance Analyzer

120 Channel Trace
High-Level Trigger Unit
25 ns Time Stamp
Master-Slave Trigger
Selective Trace
Statistic Display
Timing Display
Performance Analyzer
Coverage Analysis

     Emulation Memory Modules

SRAM Emulation Memory
DRAM Emulation Memory
Up to 16 MByte

     SDIL Emulation Memory

512K+512K M or 2+2 M Emulation+Breakpoint Memory

     32 Bit Emulation Controller

Universal Emulation Controller
8 .. 32 Bit Support
Trigger System
Banking Support
Code Coverage
Universal Counter
Pulse Generator


Configuration Examples

Emulator for 32 Bit with full Analyzer Features

  • SCU32
  • ECU32
  • SDIL
  • HA120
  • ICExxx

Emulator for 32 Bit with full Analyzer Features and Large Emulation Memory

  • SCU32
  • ECU32
  • SRAM
  • HA120
  • ICExxx

Emulator for 32 Bit with addtitional Timing and Port Analyzer

  • SCU32
  • ECU32
  • SDIL
  • HA120
  • ICExxx
  • PA64
  • TA32

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