High-Level-Language Debugging

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High-Level-Language Debugging
Supports multiple languages
Full support for C++
Integrated into TRACE32 environment
Supports most compilers and hosts
Same user interface on different hosts
High speed download
Debugs optimized code
Display of function nesting
Display of linked lists
Powerful expression evaluation
The TRACE32-HLL debuggers are integrated features of all TRACE32 emulation probes. The debugger has its own data base and interfaces to most common standard compilers systems. It uses all information supported by the compilers.

Technical Support

Supports C, C++, JAVA, PASCAL, PL/M, ADA or MODULA2

Using Symbolic Labels, Function or Variable Names

Runs with many Compilers

Real-Time Emulation on HLL Steps

High-Speed Download, no extra Converters needed

One Environment for different CPUs and Languages

Symbol Length 255 Characters

Same User Interface on different Host and Operation Systems

HLL Display

  • Module information
  • Line numbers
  • Source code
  • Direct information or modification by clicking variable names with the mouse
  • Direct scroll in source (horizontal and vertical)
  • Source or target line order
  • Debugging of optimized code
  • Support for inlined functions

Mixed Display

  • Source lines
  • Address
  • Disassembled code
  • HLL information on assembler lines
  • Direct scroll in source code
  • Symbols for register or stack

Variable Window

  • Showing variables, arrays and structures
  • Direct change of variables and elements with the mouse
  • Displaying of type information
  • Display in hex, binary or decimal, ASCII
  • Showing enumerations, sets, ranges
  • Flexible formating
  • Trace nested structures
  • Inherited C++ member
  • Hidden C++ member

Stack Frame

  • Function nesting
  • Parameters
  • Local variables
  • Configurable display
  • Scrolling through stack
  • Access to stack variables

Local Variables

  • Shows always all valid local variables
  • Displays variable types
  • Nested variables in PASCAL and MODULA
  • Showing 'return' values

FPU Support

  • Direct display and modification of floating point variables
  • FPU stack frames
  • Display of FPU registers
  • Changing of FPU registers with the mouse
  • Floating point arithmetic in command lines
  • Support of special floating point formats

HLL Information in Dump Window

  • Symbols and offsets
  • Address
  • Access information
  • HLL variable values

Line and Column Stepping

  • Step column
  • Step line
  • Step next line
  • Return from function
  • Go up in function nesting
  • Automatic overstepping libraries
  • Jump to line defined by mouse
  • Breakpoint on variables

No Limits on Data Base

  • Up to 128 MByte symbol storage
  • Compression option
  • Fast symbol access
  • Fast file caching
  • Operation with different compilers in one program
  • On-line symbol check
  • Search for symbols using wildcard
  • Execute commands for symbol set
  • Demangler for C++ signatures

Using HLL Information in the Analyzer

  • Analyzer programming with object name from source code
  • Display with symbolic information
  • Variable values on declaration
  • Multicycle variable transfer reconstruction
  • Source tracking
  • Variable tracking
  • Trigger definition on objects
  • Source tracking

Code Coverage Analysis on HLL Level

  • Read/Opfetch access
  • Write access

Data Access Analysis

  • Read
  • Write
  • Read only
  • Write only
  • Trigger on 'read-before-write'

Performance Analyzer

  • Direct access to function names
  • Analyzing in real- time without interruption
  • Execution time statistics (Include/Exclude)

Statistic about Function Nesting

Direct Access to Source

  • Edit function
  • Type function
  • Tracking

Assembler Source Debugging

  • Source
  • Comments
  • Locals

Structured Variable Display

  • Tables with pointers and indexes
  • Linked lists
  • Trees and nested structures
  • Parts of arrays, pointers to arrays

Automatic Variable Display

  • Lists last recently used variables

Full Expression Parser

  • C , C++ and PASCAL expressions
  • Target function call with parameters
  • Language extensions supported
  • Conditional program execution

Type and Class Hierarchy Display

  • C++ class hierarchy
  • C nested classes
  • Methods for C++
  • Physical layout of structure

Conditional Program Execution

  • Go until variable accessed
  • Go until variable changed
  • Go until expression TRUE
  • Step until expression TRUE
  • Step until expression changed
  • Step over function

Graphical Variable Display

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