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More than 8000 Pages

The complete help documentation is now in the standardized PDF format and can be read in the ′Acrobat Reader′. To provide a quick access to the required information, a new online help interface is integrated in the TRACE32 IDE.


Fast Index and Text Search

Text search in all documents be done in less than 1 second.


Device Specific Filtering

The online Help is matched to the specific development tool in use, to the processor architecture of the destination system and also the RTOS employed. The entire online Help can also be used unfiltered if required.



A complete Tooltip text system provides important information about the input windows and commands easily and simply.


Basic and Advanced Help

New TRACE32 users have the option of working with a basic Help function to begin with. This gives them a quick overview of the most important functions of their development tool.


Linked PDF Documents

The individual parts of the online Help are interlinked via cross references. TRACE32 users can quickly obtain an overview of similar or supplementary commands in this way.


Training Manuals

The complete training documents are integrated into the online Help so that TRACE32 users can familiarize themselves with specific individual system functions by means of examples.


WWW Update Function

After an automatic update check the latest version of the Help files can be downloaded via the Internet.


Windows, LINUX and UNIX Support

The new PDF-based online Help offers the same "look and feel" for Windows, LINUX and all the many workstation types we support.



Some help documents will be referenced very often, so every PDF help document can be added to the integrated bookmark list. Additionally, user documents can also be added as bookmark!


Print Function

Print dialog

To print the documentation, it is not neccersary to open every single file in ′Acrobat Reader′ - a print dialog for all relevant help files is integrated in the online help .

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