NOR FLASH Programming

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NOR FLASH Programming
Internal and/or external NOR FLASH memories
All common NOR FLASH types
Programming of multiple NOR FLASH devices
Provided by debuggers and in-circuit emulators
TRACE32 (ICE, FIRE, ICD) supports the programming and erasure of internal FLASH memory on microcontrollers and external flash on the target by the FLASH command group.

Address range, memory type and bus configuration of external FLASH memory has to be declared first by the FLASH.Create command, while internal FLASH memory is already predefined by TRACE32.

For other types or to increase programming speed the user can load his own programming routine into the target. The FLASH.TARGET command defines the program start address, data buffer address and buffer size. The programming and erase commands (described below) will call this user program with appropriate parameters.

After informing TRACE32 about FLASH memory in the memory space, the FLASH.Erase command erases a sector of the FLASH or the complete device.

Programming mode can be activated by the FLASH.Program command. All following memory modifications (e.g. Data.LOAD) within the activated address range issue a programming sequence.

Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Support

TRACE32 supports the programming and erasure of processor internal and external FLASH memory.

Our policy is to support all common FLASH memory types. A list of current supported devices you could find below.

Compatible types of other manufacturers can be programmed even if they are not explicitly listed.

Please note that we could not test all devices in combination with all microprocessors/microcontrollers.

List of supported FLASH devices

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