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I can record the trace and correctly display the symbol charts using Trace.Chart.sYmbol. However, Trace.Chart.TASK only displays "(unknown)". ORTI and ELF files are loaded.
Ref: 0554

Most probably the trace is missing the task switches. You can enable tracing the task switches with the command
Break.Set task.config(magic) /Write /TraceData
This enables a data trace on the variable that holds the current running task. This is extracted from the ORTI file ("RUNNINGTASK").

I get the error message "register set not defined" when viewing the context of a task that is currently not being executed.
Ref: 0484

The ORTI file has to include the CONTEXT object so that the debugger can display the context of inactive tasks. If this object is missing in the ORTI file, the error message "register set not defined" is returned by the debugger when you try to select an inactive task from the TASK.List window or when using the command Register or Frame with the /TASK option.
Please contact the OS vendor for more information.

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