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Can I write my own OS awareness?
Ref: 0456

Lauterbach provides to its customers an extension development kit (EDK) that can be used to write an awareness. The EDK is delivered by Lauterbach on request (support@lauterbach.com). The EDK is free of charge.

How to calculate the CPU load when an OS is used?
Ref: 0486

The CPU load is the percentage of time the CPU wasn't in the idle loop. The command Trace.PROfileChart.TASK gives such a percentage view. You just have to identify the "idle" task(s).

1. Create a task group for this task with merge or hide option:
  GROUP.CreateTASK "idle" "my_idle_task" /MERGE
2. If the chart should not distinguish between the other tasks you may also merge them:
  GROUP.MERGE "other"
An OS awareness has to be loaded.

The error message "PPCSIM Trap <number>" appears when using the OS awareness.
Ref: 0425

This error message is due to an incompatibility between the TRACE32 software and the loaded OS awareness.

Where do I get updates of the awareness?
Ref: 0251

The TRACE32 software releases available for download on the Lauterbach web site contain all latest RTOS awareness files.
For intermediate update please contact support@lauterbach.com.

Why does all RTOS menus/commands report: 'Sorry: Couldn't get symbol addresses'?
Ref: 0249

The debugger didn't find the symbol information of the RTOS.
Check, if the kernel is compiled with debug information, and if the kernel symbols are loaded and accessible.

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