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Is it possible to use PRACTICE macros inside dialogs?
Ref: 0466

Yes. You should add the character "&" at the beginning of thr dialog block, otherwise macros won't be expanded inside that block.


What's the long form and meaning of abbreviated TRACE32 commands in CMM scripts? Which shorter syntax is available?
Ref: 0403

PRCTICE commands are not case sensitive. Each command has a long and short form. The significant letters are always written in upper case letters.
Example: the short form of SYStem.Up is SYS.U
You can execute this command as SYStem.Up, system.up, sys.up, system.u, ...
You can get open the documentation of a TRACE32 command by typing the command in long or short for in TRACE32 command line then type space and press the F1 key. The corresponding PDF document will open at the correct location.

WinPrint doesn't print the whole content of a TRACE32 window (e.g. FPU.view) to a file, I only get a part of the window printed.
Ref: 0459

If the window you want to print is bigger that the screen, then you will get only the upper part of it using WinPrint.
To get the whole window, you should use WinPRT and WINPAN instead.
PRINTER.FILE fpu.txt /APPEND ; fpu.txt should be empty
WINPOS ,,180. 40. ,,, MYWIN FPU
WINPAN 0. -999.
SCREEN.WAIT ; necessary to update the screen after WINPAN if executing within a PRACTICE script
WINPRT MYWIN ; print first part
WINPAN 0 40. ; scroll down
SCREEN.WAIT ; update screen
WINPRT MYWIN ; print second part

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