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COM10 and larger does not work

Ref: 0290
Why does my TERMinal not work with COM port 10 or larger?

The cause of the problem is that the function CreateFile() of Windows accepts strings
"com1" - "com9" as names of devices and reject to do so for two and more digit numbers.
In order to open "com10" and above we actually have to feed
"\\.\com10" string to CreateFile().

term.method.com \\.\com10 38400. 8 NONE 1STOP NONE


Ref: 0260
What loader option is required to convert CYGWIN paths to DOS paths?

Data.LOAD.Elf <filename>.elf /CYGDRIVE

T32API for C# (C-Sharp)

Ref: 0308
Where do I get the T32API for C# (C-Sharp)?

For 'Managed C++', 'VB.NET' and 'C#' (C-Sharp), please use the .NET API wrapper from your Lauterbach DVD folder /files/demo/api/dotnet.
(Source code is also included.)

Using an external Editor

Ref: 0274
How can I use a different Editor like UltraEdit instead of PEDIT from TRACE32?

You may use other editors. You can add extra commands, buttons or (local) menus to start them. Examples are available on CD and after installation of TRACE32 SW at: CD\files\demo\practice\edit.cmm

Further descriptions are available at CD\files\pdf:
general_ref_s.pdf page 69 ( sYmbol.SOURCELINE(<address>)
ide_ref.pdf page 106 (MENU.ReProgram)

Easiest way is to replace the call of EDIT in general by the wanted editor:


[ON|OFF] Using ON starts your external editor whenever then internal started before. In other words: When "EDIT" command is executed. When using OFF the external editor is only started by executing the "EDIT.EXTern" command. [<string>] This string contains the command which Trace32 sends to your OS to start the external editor. In this string a * will be replaced by the current filename and a # by the current line number.

Example for using PowerView with TextPad:
::SETUP.EDITEXT ON "C:\Programme\TextPad\TextPad.exe * (#)"

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