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How can I use multiple USB devices with several TRACE32 instances?
Ref: 0289

If you need to debug with more than one PowerDebug module connected to the PC or workstation via USB, you can address these using their device name in the configuration file (e.g. config.t32). The option NODE=<device_name> in the configuration file tells TRACE32 to connect with the specific ‘named USB device’ that you want.

The device name can be set in TRACE32 PowerView using the menu Misc > Interface Config or by calling the command IFCONFIG.state from the TRACE32 command line.
Please refer to the TRACE32 Installation Guide for more information

How to force a connection to a PowerDebug which is already in use?
Ref: 0506

If you see a dialog box with the message "TRACE32 device already in use" then one of the following has happened:

1. You've started TRACE32, while another TRACE32 GUI is still exclusively connected to the same PowerDebug box.

2. TRACE32 PowerView was previously not properly closed (e.g. killed or crashed).

3. You have started a second TRACE32 for an AMP multicore scenario, but the second GUI wasn't configured with CORE=2 or the first GUI wasn't configure for CORE=1.

In case of issue 1 & 3 you should click NO. If you click YES, you will crash the already running TRACE32 GUI.
In case of issue 2 you could safely click YES.

If you want TRACE32 to automatically "click" NO , to immediately close the new TRACE32 session, use the statement CONNECTIONMODE=AUTOABORT in the PBI= section of your TRACE32 configuration file (usually "config.t32").

If you want TRACE32 to automatically "click" YES , to force connection to the PowerDebug box by resetting it, use the statement CONNECTIONMODE=AUTOCONNECT in the PBI= section of your TRACE32 configuration file.

Please refer to the "TRACE32 Installation Guide" for mode information.

Is it possible to debug with two debug boxes and two debug cables two processors over one single JTAG connector?
Ref: 0461

Yes this is possible using a Y-Adapter. Please refer to "Configuration 3: Two (or more) PowerDebug Modules" in "ICD Debugger User's Guide". However, this setup is quite error prone and electrically sensitive. An approach with two licenses in one single debug cable is thus recommended.
Essential things to check:
  • All JTAG lines require proper pullup/down: TMS/TDI a pullup, TCK a pulldown, it is recommended to add also a slight pullup/down to TDO
  • The distance between the two debug cables should be as short as possible (<20mm)
  • Both debug boxes must be connected to each other using the PodBus connector

The JTAG "bus" is used as shared resource using a TriState technique. This is why the JTAG lines must have proper pullup/pulldown.

Is it possible to use both uTrace connectors, A and B to debug two targets?
Ref: 0481

Only connector A of the uTrace can be used together with a whisker cable for debugging.
Debugging two targets using two whisker cables is only possible with the CombiProbe. The standard configuration of the uTrace is with a MIPI20T whisker cable plugged to connector A. The extended configuration is to add a TRACE32 Analog Probe plugged to connector B via a Converter uTrace to PI-Analog Probe. The TRACE32 Analog Probe enables an energy profiling of your application.

Is there any web server integrated in the PowerDebug module?
Ref: 0574

There is no web server integrated in the PowerDebug modules.

Should I use one or two power supplies, USB/Ethernet cables when two Lauterbach debug modules are connected together via PodBus?
Ref: 0460

  • PowerDebug USB 2.0, PowerDebug Ethernet and PowerTrace/Ethernet have a PODBUS IN connector
  • PowerDebug USB 3, PowerDebug II and PowerDebug PRO have a PODBUS SYNC connector (instead of PODBUS IN)

Debug boxes connected via PODBUS SYNC synchronize their clocks and can trigger each other. However each box needs its own power supply and separate USB cable or Ethernet connection to the PC. In t32start each debugger is configured as a separate PodBus Device Chain.
Debug boxes connected via PODBUS IN build one chained debug system, where the first box is the master. All boxes use the same clock, triggers, power. Only the first box should be connected to the PC. In t32start all debuggers are added to the same PodBus Device Chain.

What is the operational temperature range of TRACE32 hardware tools?
Ref: 0498

The TRACE32 tools are designed for a temperature range of about +10°C to +40°C. Tools may work below or above that range, but we can not guarantee proper operation.

What kind of power supply should I use with my PowerDebug/PowerTrace module?
Ref: 0497

When your TRACE32 hardware is delivered, you will receive one of the following power supplies:
  • Wall Mount Power Supply : delivered with the PowerDebug Module USB 3.0 and the uTrace.
  • Desktop Power Supply : delivered with the PowerDebug PRO, PowerTrace II and PowerTrace Serial
Please ONLY use the delivered power supplies. You can find more information in the following document:

Why do I get the error message "Plugged debug cable is not suitable for CPU"?
Ref: 0448

In general you get the error message "Plugged debug cable is not suitable for CPU", when the started TRACE32 application is not supported by the debug cable plugged to your PowerDebug.
E.g. The "PowerPC-4xx Debug Cable" is not suitable for "TRACE32 for ARM" (t32marm.exe)
Please start the correct TRACE32 application or connect the correct debug cable to your PowerDebug.

As a special case, you also get the error message "Plugged debug cable is not suitable for CPU" if you use TRACE32 R.2018.02 or older and you use a new debug cable that is not yet supported by that version:
  • If your ARM debug cable has a serial number starting with "C18" or higher, it is the new "ARM Debug Cable V5" (shipped since 2018). Please ensure you use TRACE32 version R.2017.02 or higher.
  • If you use the Automotive PRO cable (LA-2707), ensure you use TRACE32 R.2018.02 or higher.
You can download a suitable version of TRACE32 at https://www.lauterbach.com/7373

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