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Can I use a longer extension cable?
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Often customer ignore the warnings regarding the locaction of the aux port connector and regarding additional extension cables between the debugger and the target.
This can cause a lot of trouble, especially for high speed applications. We strongly recommend to place the aux port connector as close as possible nearby the CPU. As closer as better. Take care about the signal trace length.
Do not connect aux port signals to other connectors than the aux port connector and prevent signal stubs. Connect a proper termination to the signals coming from the probe, close to the CPU. Signals from the CPU to the probe should not be terminated.
One can add 0 Ohm resistors in line of each Nexus signal close to the CPU. If necessary 0 Ohm can be replaced by a better value.
The debugger does normally not need any pull-up or pull-down, except for reset. Care must just be taken just for non-Nexus signals. Bear in mind that the target needs possibly a pull-up or pull-down for certain signals if the debugger is not connected.
Pay attention about the recommendations of the device manufacturer regarding the circuitry around the Nexus Aux port.
We also recommend to use no other extension cables than the cables which come with the debugger.
If possible do not use additional cables at all. Longer cables may work, but must not. It is the customers risk to use longer once as recommended. We can not guarantee proper operation.

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