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186EM/ES/ER: Emulator Crash after RESET (80186)

Ref: 0063
Why does emulator crash after a target RESET?

PIO29/S6 at the 18xEM/ES/ER must be programmed as S6 signal. Therefore monitor program initializes PIO DIRECTION REGISTER 1 (offset: 78h) to 0dfffh (instead of 0ffffh). It is important to initialize PIO DIRECTION REGISTER 1 with the first executed instructions after RESET.

Manual Break Fails (80186)

Ref: 0060
Why does manual break fail?

Check that there is enough space left on the stack before and after the execution of the instruction (see Restrictions for stack requirements). Check exception control (x.nmipol +, x.nmibreak on) and NMI connection from EPROM simulator to target. Make sure that the NMI vector (2) is valid and points to the correct Monitor entry.

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