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License Issue after Software Update

Ref: 0277
After installing a Software Update, TRACE32 complains about an invalid license and switches to demo mode.

TRACE32 checks your maintenance contract on every start.

If the end-date of your maintenance contract is older than the revision of your just installed TRACE32 software, TRACE32 switches to a limited demo mode.

The demo mode gives every user the opportunity to receive and test Software Updates. If a user decides to use the Software Update, he must purchase or renew the software maintenance contract.

  • When purchasing a debug cable or a software maintenance contract, you get free software updates for one year.
  • Lauterbach strongly recommends to make a backup copy of the TRACE32 installation directory before applying a software update.

  • No Maintenance Contract for AutoFocus-II

    Ref: 0337
    What kind of Maintenance Contract do I need for the AutoFocus-II Preprocessor?

    You do not need any Maintenance Contract for any Preprocessor. The Maintenance Contract for the CPU family you want to trace is already in your debug cable.

    Several Maintenance Contracts for one DebugCable

    Ref: 0336
    Why do I need up to five maintenance contracts for one debug cable?

    You require a maintenance contract for each Lauterbach debugging product inside your debug cable. A debug cable may contain the feature keys for up to five different CPU architectures. The debug support for one of these five independent CPU architectures is a separate debugging product.

    Sources for a maintenance contract (hardware-assisted tools)

    Ref: 0453
    Where can I store my maintenance key?

  • In debug cable, CombiProbe, uTrace, Nexus Adapter
  • One or more maintenance keys can directly be stored in the configuration file
    serial_number0 expiration_date0 license_code0
    serial_number1 expiration_date1 license_code1
  • Path to license file can be stored in configuration file
  • In license.t32, that has to be in the TRACE32 SYStem directory

    The most current license found in one of these sources is used.

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