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Linux isn't booting anymore after installing USB driver

Ref: 0373
Why isn't Linux booting after installing USB driver file 10-lauterbach.rules?

If a Linux system isn't booting anymore after the TRACE32 USB driver files 10-lauterbach.rules was installed, then please check, whether an irritating CR character is inside this file or not.
A check can be done with command:
cat -et /etc/udev/rules.d/10-lauterbach.rules
No ^M should be displayed at all.

In the directory /dev/lauterbach/trace32 you can find a lot of links from system devices which shouldn't exists there (e.g. audio, disk, dvd, ..)

# conversion steps
# if package tofrodos isn't already installed
sudo apt-get install tofrodos
cd /etc/udev/rules.d/
# converts all CF+LF pairs to LF
sudo fromdos -d 10-lauterbach.rules


Ref: 0421
Where is t32tcpusb, mentioned in the training manual?

If you don't find these files on your Lauterbach DVD, please download binaries for Linux and Windows here:

Remove TRACE32 driver from Registry

Ref: 0261
How can I remove a TRACE32 completely from the registry?

Open a Registry Editor.
Remove the T32USB driver from:
This requires admin rights.

Silent installation on Windows

Ref: 0374
How can I realize a silent installation under Windows?

1. For a simple software roll out of a company unique TRACE32 software installation
a network mount/drive will be used and the content of the TRACE32 DVD should
be in a special directory on a server
   xcopy D:\*.*  N:\TRACE32DVD_201011  /E /V /L         // drive and directory name are only an example

2. Record once a TRACE32 installation with the following instructions inside a command shell window:
   cd N:\TRACE32DVD_201011\bin\setup64                  // drive name N: and the directory is only an
                                                        // example and must be replaced by the actual
                                                        // user-defined values
   setup.exe /r /f1"N:\TRACE32DVD_201011\bin\setup64\setup.iss"
                                                        // /r stands for enabling recording the
                                                        // installation process
                                                        // /f1 defines the file which will contain the
                                                        // recorded installation actions
Step through the complete TRACE32 installation process.

3. Start a silence TRACE32 installation with the following instruction on a different PC:
   setup.exe /s /f1"N:\TRACE32DVD_201011\bin\setup64\setup.iss"   // /s means silence installation mode

A) If InstallShield didn't work correctly with a record file on the network drive, please use the following default place C:\rul\setup.iss instead.
B) If the silent installation fails during USB driver installation, please check whether the file
bin\windows*\drivers\dpinst.xml contains a line <quietInstall/>.
   <?xml version="1.0"?>
     <dpinstTitle>TRACE32 USB Device Driver Installation</dpinstTitle>

Silent mode of TRACE32 installer

Ref: 0301
How to use silent mode of TRACE32 software installer?

Due to an error inside the TRACE32 installer software from InstallShield the silent mode didn't worked correctly.

First start the TRACE32 installer in a command shell in recording mode.
      <TRACE32_cd_mountpoint>\bin\setup64\setup.exe /r /f1"C:\rul\setup.iss"

Second start the TRACE installer in a command shell in silent mode.
      <TRACE32_cd_mountpoint>\bin\setup64\setup.exe /s /f1"C:\rul\setup.iss"

Please replace the path and filenames with your actual values.

Don't use the default path and filename C:\windows\setup.iss!
Due to Windows right restrictions often troubles occur!

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