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Address exceeds maximum size (TMS470/TMS570)

Ref: 0351
What does the error message "Address exceeds maximum size" mean?

Every address within the trace region defined by base address + size must not exceed 18 bits (RAM) or 24 bits (peripheral), respectively.

address matched to blocksize (TMS470/TMS570)

Ref: 0353
What does the warning "Entered address has been corrected to match the current blocksize" mean?

The base address of the section to be traced must always be a multiple of the specified blocksize. If not, it will automatically be truncated to the next lower valid address.

Missing RAM/Peripheral address (TMS470/TMS570)

Ref: 0390
What does the error message "Internal error: No RAM/Peripheral address defined for this CPU" mean?

This error occurs if the base address of the RAM and/or peripheral address space is not configured for the current device.

You can configure the base address(es) by the following PRACTICE commands:

SYStem.CONFIG.RAMBASE <address> ; RAM base address

SYStem.CONFIG.PERBASE <address> ; Peripheral base address

Target FIFO overflow (TMS470/TMS570)

Ref: 0354
How to avoid "TARGET FIFO OVERFLOW" error messages in the trace window?

  • Increase the traceport data throughput via RTP.PortClock.
  • Increase the frequency of the system clock (HCLK) in relation to the CPU clock (GCLK).
  • Reduce the size of the RAM area to be traced via RTP.TraceMode.RAM<x>.SECTion<y>.Size.
  • Include some 'nop' operations in the relevant parts of your target’s executable code.

RTP command is locked (TMS540/TMS570)

Ref: 0389
How to unlock the 'RTP' command?

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