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What does FLOWERROR or HARDERROR mean?
Ref: 0194

Please refer to the "Diagnosis" chapter from the "AutoFocus User's Guide"

What is different between pin 14 (VTref(JTAG)) and pin 12 (VTref(ETM)) on ETM MICTOR connector?
Ref: 0192

On the ETM MICTOR connector are both ETM trace and JTAG signals available, but VTref (pin12) is not splitted into JTAG and ETM by the ARM specification. Lauterbach has defined:
pin12 VTref(ETM)
pin14 VTref(JTAG)
On the TRACE32 preprocessor the VTref is routed to the ETM buffers and VCC is routed to JTAG buffers. Herewith it is possible to use different voltage levels on ETM and JTAG pins.

What kind of Maintenance Contract do I need for the AutoFocus-II Preprocessor?
Ref: 0337

You do not need any Maintenance Contract for any Preprocessor. The Maintenance Contract for the CPU family you want to trace is already in your debug cable.

Which function does the EXTRIG on the ETM MICTOR connector have?
Ref: 0191

The function of EXTRIG is not exactly defined by ARM, it can be input or output. On TRACE32 side it can be used to trigger the TRACE32 hardware (input with 10 kOhm pull-down) on some trace hardware.

Which trace port bandwidth is supported with the different TRACE32 modules and ETM preprocessors?
Ref: 0281

Please refer to the "Diagnosis" chapter from the "AutoFocus User's Guide"

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