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Analyzer Data Capture failed in DEMUX2 Mode (ARM)

Ref: 0175
Why does the analyzer data capture fail in DEMUX2 mode?

After executing the command Analyzer.AutoFocus the following error messages appear in the Area window (command: AREA.view). It is recommanded to enable the instruction cache if supported by the target processor.
Enabling the instruction cache is target specific. Here an example for the ARM926:

; Enable the instruction cache
PER.Set C15:0x01 %Long 0x00051078
; start the self-calibration
; Disable the instruction cache
PER.Set C15:0x01 %Long 0x00051078

Error Message (14.3k)

Differences between Pin 14 and 12 of ETM Connector (ARM)

Ref: 0192
What is different between pin 14 (VTref(JTAG)) and pin 12 (VTref(ETM)) on ETM MICTOR connector?

On the ETM MICTOR connector are both ETM trace and JTAG signals available, but VTref (pin12) is not splitted into JTAG and ETM by the ARM specification. Lauterbach has defined:
pin12 VTref(ETM)
pin14 VTref(JTAG)
On the TRACE32 preprocessor the VTref is routed to the ETM buffers and VCC is routed to JTAG buffers. Herewith it is possible to use different voltage levels on ETM and JTAG pins.

ETM Register tells Wrong Core Type (ARM)

Ref: 0193
The ETM register window shows that the core is ARM7, but I got ARM9. What is wrong?

The additional register ETMID is optional. The ETMCONF register tells the ETMID register is available or not. IF ETMCONF shows "ETM ID not present" the value of ETMID must be ignored.

ETM Trace Port Bandwidth (ARM)

Ref: 0281
Which trace port bandwidth is supported with the different TRACE32 modules and ETM preprocessors?

Please read in following documentation:

Function of the EXTRIG on the ETM Connector (ARM)

Ref: 0191
Which function does the EXTRIG on the ETM MICTOR connector have?

The function of EXTRIG is not exactly defined by ARM, it can be input or output. On TRACE32 side it can be used to trigger the TRACE32 hardware (input with 10 kOhm pull-down) on some trace hardware.

Identification of Preprocessor (CPU Trace Adapter) (ARM)

Ref: 0185
Which preprocessor (cpu trace adapter) do I have?

The command "VERSION.HARDWARE" tells you which TRACE32 hardware you have. In case of support requests to LAUTERBACH you should tell the content of this window. Additional details you will get with "VERSION.HARDWARE2".

What does Flowerror or Harderror mean? (ARM)

Ref: 0194
What does flowerror or harderror mean?

The traced data is not consistent with the target memory.
Possible reasons are:
Self-modifying program code (memory contents have changed):
Execute "trace.TestFocus". If you do not get any error or warning message, the flow- or harderrors might be due to self-modifying program code.
ETM port multiplexed with other IO functions:
Check GPIO configuration of ETM trace pins.
CPU output driver can not drive termination of preprocessor:
Disable termination with "A.TERM OFF".
Output driver strength should be 5 mA (data) and 8mA (clock).
Wrong threshold level:
Set correct threshold level (A.TH VCC or A.TH CLOCK or A.TH 1.65); The threshold level has to be set to the half of ETM signal level! Check trace signals for lower amplitudes than VCCIO!
Wrong preprocessor type.
LA-7889: 120 MHz, at 2.5 ... 3.6 V, Normal,Demux 4 bit,no Halfrate
LA-7921: 200 MHz, at 0.9 ... 3.6 V, all modes except demux8/16
LA-7923: 120 MHz, at 2.5 ... 3.6 V, all modes
LA-7990: 270 MHz, at 1.8 ... 3.6 V, 4/8 bit Normal, Halfrate
LA-7991: 300 MHz, at 1.8 ... 3.6 V, all modes
Setup and hold time violation
Setup:   3 ns, hold:   2 ns for LA-7889 and LA-7923
Setup:   3 ns, hold:   1 ns for LA-7921
Setup: 0.9 ns, hold: 1.1 ns for LA-7990
Setup: 0.9 ns, hold: 0.9 ns for LA-7991

Why do TraceOn/TraceOff Breakpoints not work? (ARM)

Ref: 0200
Using TraceON/TraceOff breakpoints gives error meassage: "No on-chip breakpoint of this type possible"

TraceOn/TraceOff break points require TraceOnOff logic supported by the ETM itself. This feature is not available for ETM versions lower than 1.2. TraceEnable and TraceTrigger points are not concerned. They are using simple comparator logic.

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