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Does Trace.STATistic.TASK include interrupt times? How to get interrupt times in the statistics?
Ref: 0592

Trace.STATistic.TASK does include the interrupt times. With Trace.STATistic.TASKORINTERRUPT, you can separate task and interrupt times. With Trace.STATistic.TASKVSINTERRUPT, interrupts are evaluated depending on the calling task.

I get a target crash (e.g. Target processor in reset) when processing the trace
Ref: 0593

This is generally due to wrong addresses in the trace. The debugger reconstructs the program flow based on the trace packets by accessing the memory. If the trace contains wrong addresses e.g. due to corrupted trace data and these addresses point to an undefined memory different problems may occur e.g. reset or processor crash.

I get the error "incompatible analyzer data" when trying to load a trace file.
Ref: 0594

The obtained error indicates that you are trying to load a trace file with a trace method (Analyzer, LOGGER, Onchip...) different to the used one for record.
You have to load the trace file with the same trace method used to record it.
So you could simply try to change trace method before loading file.

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