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Trace Shows Cycles after Break (HC12)

Ref: 0054
Why does the analyzer show cycles after the cycle where I have set a breakpoint?

Because of it's pipeline the CPU does some cycles from fetching the BKGD command to entering background mode. The first background cycle is a fetch from address 0FFF6. After the second fetch from 0FFF6 the emulator knows for sure that background mode is entered and the trace is switched off (in slave mode).

Unexpected BKGD Instruction in the Trace List (HC12)

Ref: 0053
The trace list shows a BKGD instruction instead of my code at an address where a program-, hll- or spot-breakpoint is set!

If a breakpoint is set to an address the emulator senses the bus for the according address. If a fetch from this address is found, the emulator disables the RAMs and puts the BKGD opcode (0x00h) on the bus. The CPU executes this instruction and switches to background mode. Emulation is stopped.

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