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Mask Option Register (HC05JJ/JP)

Ref: 0080
The System Option MOR does not work

There is no possibility to set the correct value of the MOR in the non user mode by hardware. The CPU always uses the value of the internal EPROM of the chip. To change this value use a *.cmm file with the following content:
  Data.Set D:1FF1 'value'
  Data.Set D:1C 02
  WAIT 1.s
  Data.Set D:1C 00
The MOR value of a new chip is 0. The bits can be toggled only from 0 to 1. If a wrong value was programmed, it is necessary to exchange the chip!

Problems with EEPROM (HC08)

Ref: 0084
After I switched off the power of the emulator and booted again, the values of the internal EEPROM can not be read correctly

Be sure that the
is switched off.

TimerB and CAN Module (HC08AZ/AT)

Ref: 0077
The Timer B is not available. The CAN controller is not available.

The silicon of HC08AZ, HC08AS and HC08AT is the same. The Timer B and the CAN controller is only in the AZ and AT mode available. To switch the timer B and the CAN module on, use the CONFIG2 register of the CPU.

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