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Can I write my own FLASH algorithm?
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This is generally not necessary since Lauterbach supports a wide range of internal and external FLASH memories. You can however write your own FLASH algorithm. Please contact the Lauterbach support for more information.

How can I improve the flash programming time?
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  • Use FLASH.ReProgram command group instead of FLASH.Program / FLASH.AUTO.
  • Use the /DualPort option if possible.
  • Close all TRACE32 memory dump windows during FLASH programming.
  • Increase the JTAG clock if possible.
  • Use target controlled FLASH programming method when available instead of tool based method.
Refer to the TRACE32 FLASH programming documentation for more information.

When using target based flash programming algorithms, flash is not completely erased or programmed.
Ref: 0190

Target based flash programming algorithms are running on the CPU itself. When the watchdog is not disabled, they are interrupted by the watchdog's reset.
See the flash programming demos how to disable the watchdog manually.

Which FLASH devices are currently supported?
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You can find a list of supported FLASH devices here:

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