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Can I write my own FLASH algorithm?
Ref: 0475

This is generally not necessary since Lauterbach supports a wide range of internal and external FLASH memories. You can however write your own FLASH algorithm. Please contact the Lauterbach support for more information.

How can I improve the flash programming time?
Ref: 0474

  • Use FLASH.ReProgram command group instead of FLASH.Program / FLASH.AUTO.
  • Use the /DualPort option if possible.
  • Close all TRACE32 memory dump windows during FLASH programming.
  • Increase the JTAG clock if possible.
  • Use target controlled FLASH programming method when available instead of tool based method.
Refer to the TRACE32 FLASH programming documentation for more information.

Which FLASH devices are currently supported?
Ref: 0270

You can find a list of supported FLASH devices here:

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