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Dualport Access to On-chip RAM (SH-2)

Ref: 0052
I can not see the CPUs internal RAM via dualport!

There is no dualport access to the on-chip RAM of the cpu in request mode, because this RAM is also physically internal at the bondout CPU. You can use the AUD mode with SH7055 to access the on-chip RAM.

Dump of External Memory in Mode ROM (SH-2)

Ref: 0055
Contents of external memory can not be seen or changed in a data window in the CPU mode ROM!

The emulator uses the user data-bus of the bodout cpu for the access to external memorys. The initial value after a reset of the Pin-Function-Controller in the cpu mode ROM is, that the data-bus pins are used as port-pins. So, the Pin-Function-Controller must be changed to use this pins for the data-bus.

Illegal-Slot-Instruction Exception (SH-2)

Ref: 0051
An Illegal-Slot-Instruction Exception occurs at a line with a correct opcode!

A Program-, Hll- or Spot-Breakpoint is set on this instruction and causes the exception. Set the breakpoint on the branch instruction before.

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