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Debug modules connected via PodBus

Ref: 0460
Should I use one or two power supplies / USB cables / Ethernet cables when two Lauterbach debug modules are connected together via PodBus?

  • PowerDebug USB 2.0, PowerDebug Ethernet and PowerTrace/Ethernet have a PDBUS IN connector
  • PowerDebug USB 3, PowerDebug II and PowerDebug PRO have a PODBUS SYNC connector (instead of PODBUS IN)

Debug boxes connected via PODBUS SYNC synchronize their clocks and can trigger each other. However each box needs its own power supply and sepaerate USB cable or Ethernet connection to the PC. In t32start each debugger is configured as a separate PodBus Device Chain.
Debug boxes connected via PODBUS IN build one chained debug system, where the first box is the master. All boxes use the same clock, triggers, power. Only the first box should be connected to the PC. In t32start all debuggers are added to the same PodBus Device Chain.

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