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Instruction/Data Address Breakpoints do not work (MGT5100/MPC5200)

Ref: 0186
Data/Instruction address breakpoints do not work or stop working at a certain point in target code.

The instruction/data address breakpoints probably stop working if the target program enables the memory management unit, i.e. MSR_IR and/or MSR_DR bit set to 1.
Solution: Type MMU.ON to the command line. This command will enable MMU support of the debugger, which will configure the on-chip breakpoints properly.

Error Message: "emulation pod configuration error" (MPC5100/5200)

Ref: 0105
Error message "emulation pod configuration error" after starting the T32 ICD software

This error can have three sources:
  • The CPU selection in the SYStem window does not match the CPU on the target. Check if the selection matches the processor on the target. Try to use auto detection (PPC..XX selection) if available.
  • The CPU detection failed. Check the JTAG connection to the target.
  • The CPU on the target is not supported by the used debugger software release. In most cases there is additional information given in the AREA window.

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