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How do I instrument my source code for selective tracing?
Ref: 0319

The sourcecode to be traced needs to be surrounded by the following assembler instructions:

     PEA.L 2(PC)
     WDDATA.L (A7)+

     -- your source code goes here --

     PEA.L 3(PC)
     WDDATA.L (A7)+

Naturally you can also use these in inline assembler code or maybe even tell your compiler to add these instructions to the function prologue and epilogue automatically.
The basic principle of the above instructions is that the WDDATA.L needs to write out its own address. If bit 0 of the address is clear the trace will turn on, if bit 0 is set, the trace will stop.
  • ColdFire CPU with PST3..0 and DDATA3..0 signals available and connected to the debug port
  • TRACE32 ColdFire Preprocessor from mid-2004 or later (reprogram maybe needed)
  • TRACE32 Software 2009 or later

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