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Is it possible to set an on-chip breakpoint on a physical address for a processor with enabled MMU?
Ref: 0476

On-chip breakpoints trigger on addresses used by the core. If the Memory Management Unit (MMU) is enabled, the core uses virtual addresses. It is thus not possible to set an on-chip breakpoint using the physical address. Please note that specifying the memory class A: has no effect, the given address will be simply considered as virtual address. You should instead find all virtual addresses that are mapped to the given physical address and set an on-chip breakpoint on each virtual address. This won't work however in case the address mapping is created after setting the breakpoint.
The TRACE32 command MMU.INFO <address> can be used to find all virtual to physical address mappings for a given physical address.

What is the difference between the executables t32mx86 and t32mx64?
Ref: 0435

t32mx86 is for debugging 32 bit target code, t32mx64 is for debugging 64 bit target code.
If the target CPU doesn't support Intel 64 technology, then you have to use t32mx86 since the CPU selection is not available in t32mx64.
If the target CPU is 64 bit capable, then we recommend to use t32mx64. It is also possible to use t32mx86, when debugging 64 bit capable targets, if it is running 32 bit code only.

NOTE: The question of t32mx86 or t32mx64 is only related to the target you are debugging. It is not related to the host operating system you are working on (Linux (32/64bit), Windows (32/64bit), Solaris or any other).

Why Break is not working if the debugger is not physically connected to the target before it is started?
Ref: 0524

There is a pin POD_PRESENT on the XDP60/MIPI60 connectors. The debug cable will tie this pin to GND and tells the CPU, that a debugger is present. This is done at power up of the board and enables the debug interface. Alternatively the debug interfce should be enabled in the BIOS.

INTEL Advanced Menu -> CPU Configuration -> Debug Interface -> Enabled

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