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Data values onchip breakpoints

Ref: 0369
Is it possible to set onchip breakpoints with data values?

ARM7/9 support setting onchip breakpoints with data values. ARM11, CORTEX A/R does not support this capability. However, if the processor has an ETM logic, TRACE32 can provide this functionality by using two of the address and data comparators provided in the ETM. By setting the option ETM.StoppingBreakPoints, the resource management of TRACE32 is reconfigured so that two address/data comparators of the ETM can be used as standard read/write breakpoints. If the CPU does not support data values breakpoints and the ETM is not used, TRACE32 will stop the CPU when the data address is accessed, compare the data value with the condition and restart the CPU if the values are not equal.

Error Message Emulator Berr Error

Ref: 0037
The message "emulator berr error" is displayed in some windows.

This message indicates that the ARM has entered the ABORT mode as result of a system speed access from debug mode. The reason is that at least one memory access which was necessary to update the window was terminated with active ABORT (if AMBA: ERROR) signal.

Please highlight the options "-g -dual_debug -dwarf2" and /GHS

Ref: 0432
How to generate and load debug information using a Greenhills Compiler?

Depending on the version the following parameters must be passed to the compiler:
C-Code: -g -dual_debug -dwarf2
C++-Code: -g -dual_debug -dwarf2 -no_ignore_debug_references
Please note that not all options can be selected in the user interface and must be added manually in the compilers configuration file. Within TRACE32 it is recommended to load the files with option /GHS e.g.:
Data.LOAD.Elf filename /GHS

Unstable Data

Ref: 0038
Why do I have flickering data in some windows?

Please make sure that the TURBO mode is off (SYStem.Option TURBO OFF). Another setting that may solve the problem is the reduction of the JTAG frequency (SYStem.JtagClock 5 MHz).

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