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Cannot release from Software Breakpoint

Ref: 0136
Cannot make an HLL-step from a software breakpoint or the context switches while debugging

  • Possible reason: Interrupts are pending
    In HLL-stepping mode always debug with SYStem.Option IMASKASM ON, when interrupts are pending.
    • Possible reason: Routine is called again

    Debugging in recursive routines can have strange side effects. The debugger uses breakpoints to perfom HLL single steps. These breakpoints will place the processor in debug state also when you try to step over a self call. So the stackframe/context can switch or in case of fixed user breakpoints it seams that the debugger cannot release from a breakpoint. Similar behavior can be expected for debugging in nested interrupts or real time operating systems with software interrupts.

    PC Register is not equal to Program Counter (56800/56800E)

    Ref: 0139
    How can I set the program counter to including the extension bit from the SR register?

    Use the register PP e.g. Register.Set PP 0x1F0000.

    AnySymbol Option for Metrowerks 800E (56800E)

    Ref: 0137
    Debugger does not step correctly into routine or debugger does not load HLL code for routine.

    Use the /AnySymbol paramater when you load Metrowerks ELF files.

    Pointer has wrong Width (56800E)

    Ref: 0138
    Pointer type has wrong width.

    The width of the pointer type depends on the memory model. The large memory model requieres the parameter /LARGE for the command Data.LOAD.ELF.

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