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What can be the reasons why setting a software breakpoint fails?
Ref: 0276

Setting a software breakpoint can fail when the target HW is not able to implement the wanted breakpoint.
Possible reasons:
  • The wanted breakpoint needs special features that are only possible to realize by the trigger unit inside the controller.
    Example: Read, write and access (Read/Write) breakpoints ("type" in Break.Set window). Breakpoints with checking in real-time for data-values ("Data"). Breakpoints with special features ("action") like TriggerTrace, TraceEnable, TraceOn/TraceOFF.
  • TRACE32 can not change the memory.
    Example: ROM and Flash when no preparation with FLASH.Create, FLASH.TARGET and FLASH.AUTO was made. All type of memory if the memory device is missing the necessary control signals like WriteEnable or settings of registers and SpecialFunctionRegisters (SFR).
  • Contrary settings in TRACE32.
    Like: MAP.BOnchip for this memory range. Break.SELect.<breakpoint_type> Onchip (HARD is only available for ICE and FIRE).
  • RTOS and MMU:
    If the memory can be changed by Data.Set but the breakpoint doesn't work it might be a problem of using an MMU on target when setting the breakpoint to a symbolic address that is different than the writable and intended memory location.

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