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No Maintenance Contract for AutoFocus-II

Ref: 0337
What kind of Maintenance Contract do I need for the AutoFocus-II Preprocessor?

You do not need any Maintenance Contract for any Preprocessor. The Maintenance Contract for the CPU family you want to trace is already in your DebugCable.

Analyzer Data Capture failed in DEMUX2 Mode (ARM)

Ref: 0175
Why does the analyzer data capture fail in DEMUX2 mode?

After executing the command Analyzer.AutoFocus the following error messages appear in the Area window (command: AREA.view). It is recommanded to enable the instruction cache if supported by the target processor.
Enabling the instruction cache is target specific. Here an example for the ARM926:

; Enable the instruction cache
PER.Set C15:0x01 %Long 0x00051078
; start the self-calibration
; Disable the instruction cache
PER.Set C15:0x01 %Long 0x00051078

Error Message (14.3k)

ETM Trace Port Bandwidth (ARM)

Ref: 0281
Which trace port bandwidth is supported with the different TRACE32 modules and ETM preprocessors?

Please read in following documentation:

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