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How can I use a different Editor like UltraEdit instead of PEDIT from TRACE32?
Ref: 0274

You may use other editors. You can add extra commands, buttons or (local) menus to start them. Examples are available on CD and after installation of TRACE32 SW at: CD\files\demo\practice\edit.cmm

Further descriptions are available at CD\files\pdf:
general_ref_s.pdf page 69 ( sYmbol.SOURCELINE(<address>)
ide_ref.pdf page 106 (MENU.ReProgram)

Easiest way is to replace the call of EDIT in general by the wanted editor:


[ON|OFF] Using ON starts your external editor whenever then internal started before. In other words: When "EDIT" command is executed. When using OFF the external editor is only started by executing the "EDIT.EXTern" command. [<string>] This string contains the command which Trace32 sends to your OS to start the external editor. In this string a * will be replaced by the current filename and a # by the current line number.

Example for using PowerView with TextPad:
::SETUP.EDITEXT ON "C:\Programme\TextPad\TextPad.exe * (#)"

Where do I get the TRACE32 Remote API for C# (C-Sharp)?
Ref: 0308

For 'Managed C++', 'VB.NET' and 'C#' (C-Sharp), please use the .NET API wrapper from your Lauterbach DVD folder /files/demo/api/dotnet.
(Source code is also included.)

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