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Why does emulator crash after a target RESET? (80186)
Ref: 0063

PIO29/S6 at the 18xEM/ES/ER must be programmed as S6 signal. Therefore monitor program initializes PIO DIRECTION REGISTER 1 (offset: 78h) to 0dfffh (instead of 0ffffh). It is important to initialize PIO DIRECTION REGISTER 1 with the first executed instructions after RESET.

Why does manual break fail? (80186_80386)
Ref: 0060

Check that there is enough space left on the stack before and after the execution of the instruction (see Restrictions for stack requirements). Check exception control (x.nmipol +, x.nmibreak on) and NMI connection from EPROM simulator to target. Make sure that the NMI vector (2) is valid and points to the correct Monitor entry.

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