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How can I remove the TRACE32 USB driver completely from the registry?
Ref: 0261

Open a Registry Editor.
Remove the T32USB driver from:
This requires admin rights.

How to use silent mode of TRACE32 software installer?
Ref: 0301

Due to an error inside the TRACE32 installer software from InstallShield the silent mode didn't worked correctly.

First start the TRACE32 installer in a command shell in recording mode.
      <TRACE32_cd_mountpoint>\bin\setup64\setup.exe /r /f1"C:\rul\setup.iss"

Second start the TRACE installer in a command shell in silent mode.
      <TRACE32_cd_mountpoint>\bin\setup64\setup.exe /s /f1"C:\rul\setup.iss"

Please replace the path and filenames with your actual values.

Don't use the default path and filename C:\windows\setup.iss!
Due to Windows right restrictions often troubles occur!

Where is t32tcpusb, mentioned in the training manual?
Ref: 0421

t32tcpusb is available in the TRACE32 installation under bin/<os>. Please update your TRACE32 version in case you don't find the file.

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