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What could be the reasons for malfunction of breakpoints, single step and break by hand? (386)
Ref: 0028

  • User stack must be valid
  • "SYStem.Option Protected" and "SYStem.Option IDT" must be configured correctly.
  • Interrupt descriptors 1, 2 and 3 must be valid.
  • NMI on no SMMC modules must not be active (x.enable nmi off)
  • 386EX (no SMMC): Internal refresh controller must be stopped on emulation stop and started on emulation go. See "SYStem.Option BreakNMI".

Why crashes the emulator after a break with system.access request? (386EX)
Ref: 0048

Emulator Dualport is implemented using HOLD/HLDA pin of the CPU. A fundamental condition for correct working with HOLD/HLDA line is the correct programming of port 1.6 and 1.7 as HOLD/HLDA function of 386EX. If this condition is fulfilled, and a dualport error occurs after a break the following topic should be checked:
Because of a chip bug, under specific circumstances, the CPU generates faulty bus cycles, which crashes the emulator monitor program. The chip bug is described in the Intel document "Intel 386EX Embedded Processor Specification Update" (order number: 272873-007) under errata #38. Please follow the recommendations to solve the problem by using one of three workarounds described in this document. There is no bug fix planned.

Why does clip-over adaption work uncorrectly? (386/486)
Ref: 0031

  • Set System.option ONCE on.
  • Check target connection of FLT# pin. External pull-ups should not be lower than 6.8 K.

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