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Can I update the C167E2 module to bondout type C167E3?
Ref: 0104

The module can be update by changing the chip and adding some wires.

The CPU runs at 50% of the selected clock frequency. (BONDOUT E2)
Ref: 0069

The E2 Step AB Bondout has an internal divider error. Instead dividing by 2 it divides by 4 on the 0.5 PLL setting.
Turnaround: Use internal VCO and douple the frequency.

The emulation system goes to SYSDOWN if the processor enters power-down mode.
Ref: 0017

The dual-port access must be set to DENIED and the "SYS.Option TestCloc"' to OFF. The dual-port cannot work if the processor clock is disabled.

The emulator reports 5 different mapper error messages after reset. (BONDOUT E2)
Ref: 0068

Clock Generator Problem
The chip internal clock oscillator on the E2 bondout has an undefined clock selector setting after reset. Therefore the clock system can fail after power-up. The only turnaround is to switch down the emulator and target system, and restart the booting sequence again.

Which Setting must be done for Mixed-Operations? (BONDOUT)
Ref: 0024

If mixed MUX/NOMUX CS programming is used, the emulator bustype must be set to MUX mode.

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