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Are the TRACE32 products in compliance with "ISO 14001"?
Ref: 0358

Lauterbach GmbH doesn't need to establish such additional control system. The "International Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001" is a weaker regulation than the European "REACH" directive followed by Lauterbach. For details on our "REACH" compliance please refer to our FAQ regarding "REACH" (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals).

Is there a simple way to control target power supply via the ICE to prevent problems after the ICE has been powered off?
Ref: 0103

Follow the sequence below.
  • If you own an output probe COUT8, connect it to the STROBE output connector.
  • Type PULSE2. and press F1. You will get the pin out of the output probe COUT8. Pin 13 (OUT6) delivers +5 V after the emulator has finished its initialization and 0 V if the emulator is powered off. This can be used to drive a relay via a transistor to switch the target power on and off automatically if the Pulse Generator is not used for other purposes. The schematic of the switching unit can be found in the file TARGETC.CMM.
  • Additionally Pin 13 (OUT6) can be controlled by ICE commands.
     Target power supply off. "PULSE2.P +"
     Target power supply on.  "PULSE2.P -"
The following PRACTICE command file creates 3 buttons in the Toolbox for:
     Target power on
     Target power off
     Target power off and QUIT.

Why is the location after break wrong?
Ref: 0030

Most emulators use some bytes of user stack for the break system. Therefore it is necessary to have valid stack, if single step or breakpoints are used.

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