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For my TriBoard-TC1766 I have set up my trace configuration correctly, but all I get is FLOWERROR.
Ref: 0188

On some older TriBoards-TC1766 (below version .300) two trace lines are swapped. Use "SYStem.Option TB1766FIX ON" for correcting this by software.

I have loaded my application into the target, but I can not step or go away from the reset address. (TC11XX_Audo-NG)
Ref: 0189

TC11xx and AUDO-NG devices, e.g. TC1766, TC1796, have a silicon bug that prevents the instruction cache from being invalidated when the CPU is halted.
Software breakpoints (which are used by default) use the DEBUG16 instruction to halt the processor and are being replaced in memory by the original instruction when the core is released to running state. Due to the silicon bug, the DEBUG16 instruction is still in the instruction cache at this time and will be executed.
  • Force the debugger to use on-chip breakpoints by default by defining the whole memory region as ROM/ FLASH: MAP.BOnchip
  • There is a workaround for forcing the instruction cache to be invalidated. Please see the demoscripts for more information. Be sure to put the instruction sequence to an address range not used by your application, otherwise it would run into the DEBUG16 instruction.

My Infineon TriBoard does not boot and SYStem.Up fails. (AURIX)
Ref: 0414

Please make sure the Hardware Boot Configuration settings are correct. On Infineon TriBoards there is a DIP switch which allows to modify the HWCFG settings.
TC275T-Bstep an later devices usually require DIPSWITCH1 to be off, otherwise the board is not powered correctly (check the voltage LEDs). Please consult the TriBoard Manual or other Infineon documentation for details.

The debugger displays wrong data for internal memory, but the processor behaves correct. (TC10GP_TC11Ix)
Ref: 0207

TC10GP and TC11Ix have a data cache (DCACHE within DMI) which is not accessible by the debugger. The debugger shows invalid internal memory instead. This bug only affects the internal memory. The cache from EMU can be bypassed by switching to the uncached memory segment.
As a workarounds, disable the cache.
For TC1110, TC1115 and TC1130 this problem is fixed by flushing the cache.

When setting a read/write breakpoint to a peripheral module the program execution is not stopped. (AUDO)
Ref: 0170

The comparators used by the on-chip breakpoints only have an effect on non-peripheral address segments.
As a workaround, the breakpoint registers in the LMI Bridge can be programmed manually.

When single-stepping I always enter the interrupt handler although IMASKASM and IMASKHLL is enabled.
Ref: 0398

Some devices with a TriCore v1.3.1 core have a silicon issue that an acknowlegded interrupt is always taken, even if interrupts are disabled after acknowlege. This is documented as Errata CPU_TC.115.

Affected devices: TC1167, TC1197, TC1736, TC1767, TC1797 and corresponding Emulation Devices.

  • Disable interrupts permanently while single-stepping.
  • Enable SYStem.Option STEPSOFT (RAM) or SYStem.Option STEPONCHIP (RAM, FLASH). This will not prevent the interrupt from being taken but will execute the interrupt handler silently in background.

Further documentation:
  • Infineon User Documentation for your device
  • Infineon Errata Sheet for your device (CPU_TC.115)
  • TRACE32 Processor Architecture Manual for TriCore, chapters
    • Debugging, Single Stepping
    • Command Reference, SYStem.Option STEPONCHIP
    • Command Reference, SYStem.Option STEPSOFT

When switching to SYStem.Mode Attach, the CPU can be stopped and started but breakpoints are not working.
Ref: 0173

For older TriCore deriviatives (e.g. Rider-D, TC10GP, TC17x5, TC19x0, ...) OCDS can only be enabled at reset. When attaching, the target is running and reset has already been performed.
If you want to use breakpoints and single stepping, you have to pull nBRKIN and nOCDSE to ground at reset.
This does not apply to newer TriCore CPUs such as AUDO-NG, AUDO-FUTURE or newer.

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